Anonymous: so i don't understand why the cosl staff gets to decide when our threads are completed? i come on and my threads are moved and no one even tells me they are done, and i know they aren't finished, so what gives you the right to decide that?

we graveyard what people ask us to graveyard, and move inactive threads that haven’t been replied to in 3+ months

you’re always welcome to request to have a thread moved back in the mod actions thread

Anonymous: okay i could have sworn i saw it brought up, but is there a rule about names being pg-13? if not, can there be? for those of us who don't curse it's a little uncomfortable having an admin with the 'f word' in her username :/

hi! i’m going to have to decline this request for milder cursing terms such as the f word and the s word. (in the case in question, her username is an adaptation of a quote from the uk television show skins.) however, we do of course censor and ban anyone with stronger insults (and any and all slurs) in their username. thanks for bringing this to our attention, and i hope this clears it up for you!

Anonymous: Will you ever be looking for more mods?

if you’re interested in being a cosl mod, please reach out directly to me [cam] and open a conversation with me! i’m pretty picky with who i hire to be part of cosl’s staff and would prefer to hire people i know and can trust!

Anonymous: i know that name changes are a privilege and not a right, but there are some name change requests that have been sitting for almost a month even though there's been staff on. it's kind of disheartening? not in the sense of 'oh i'm not going to get my name changed' but more like 'oh the staff isn't even active'. even though there have been four out of five admins on since a bunch of those name change requests were posted up.

sometimes we wait for them to accumulate a bit so that we can do all of them in one go! don’t worry <3 we’ll get to them!

Anonymous: not to hurry you guys along, but is there an eta on the skin? next week? two weeks? the new year? it doesn't have to be exact, but just a rough estimate!!

we have a skeleton so far! please first know that the skin is not my first priority, as i have a lot of work coming in the next two weeks, but i’d ballpark somewhere around that time, yes.

Anonymous: there are a few people on the board with like, semi pornographic icons.

if you could contact an admin account on-site with your concerns, we will be glad to take a look at the issue!

Anonymous: what are the new membergroups going to be?

that’s gonna be a surprise!

Anonymous: can we please have a new skin soon?

yes, i just found someone to work on one with me, sorry! there were plans to work on another one MUCH earlier but unfortunately they fell through :(

Anonymous: the cbox has expired D:

shoot! since cassie was the admin who purchased it, i’ll have to speak to her to see if she wants to renew it or if we simply want to set up a regular cbox. we’ll have it back up soon!

Anonymous: someone on the site has been harassing me for threads and quite frankly, i don't like their writing. can i get in trouble for being frank and saying to the person politely that i do not wish to write with them?

as long as you are polite and do your absolute best not to hurt their feelings, that’s fine. you shouldn’t have to write with anyone you don’t want to.